I hope this message finds you healthy and secure.

Since TaskTrain has always operated as a virtual team, the pandemic has not been as disruptive for us as it has been for many other organizations. We’ve therefore been working to help those struggling with the transition to a distributed/virtual workforce by enabling many premium features in our free tier and offering free on-boarding assistance to new customers.

We encourage you take advantage of those offerings and check out our recent product enhancements, which include all of the upcoming features noted in my last update! 🎉


  • Assign Procedures more easily via Organization-wide search. No more remembering which Manual to find the Procedure in.
  • Filter Procedure lists in Manuals/Sections by categorization tags, not just search terms. Procedure tagging/filtering will entirely replace filing inside static Manual Sections in a future release.
  • View activity history audit trails for Assignments, Tasks, Procedures, and Steps. Know who did what, when.
  • Use formatted text in Assignment descriptions, plus many other user interface improvements.

Organization-wide Procedure search.


As always, we have a many more productivity-promoting improvements planned. We’ve prioritized the following features and enhancements:

  • Procedure/Step-specific details/instructions
  • Assignment Inbox summary view
  • Application dashboard view
  • Realtime push notifications & updates


What comes next is up to you! We’d love to hear what it would take to make TaskTrain an integral part of your organization’s everyday workflow and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness. Just send us message with your ideas, or if talking is easier that typing, send me your availability and I’ll give you a quick call. Either way, reach out by pressing the ? at the bottom of the navigation pane and pressing Send us a message

Thanks again for using TaskTrain!

Keith Gillette
Founder & CEO, TaskTrain