What? Why? How? Answering Essential Questions in Your Organization

Organizational documentation takes many forms: mission statements, vision statements, strategic plans, policies, procedures, process maps, project plans. How do these disparate documents relate to one another? I find it fruitful to categorize documentation as answers to the basic questions [...]

What? Why? How? Answering Essential Questions in Your Organization2019-09-18T03:20:53-04:00

Documenting in Detail: Creating Context with a Table of Contents

Few organizations attain the level of organization afforded by defining a shared filing system. More typical is a haphazard collection of “buckets” of shared documents with little or no internal organization. If you’re committed to leveraging documentation to improve organizational effectiveness, [...]

Documenting in Detail: Creating Context with a Table of Contents2019-09-18T03:22:36-04:00

Documenting in Detail: Patrolling Permissions

Assigning Access An important but often overlooked aspect of distributing documentation electronically is assigning access permissions. In this article, we’ll discuss general considerations to bear in mind when sharing documents with others by assigning user and/or group access permissions. [...]

Documenting in Detail: Patrolling Permissions2019-09-18T03:23:51-04:00

Documenting in Detail: Organizing for Access

Regardless of which publishing platform you choose, you’ll need to organize your documentation in similar ways in order to facilitate access by those who need it (and prevent it by those who should not be privy, in the [...]

Documenting in Detail: Organizing for Access2019-09-16T12:45:58-04:00

Documenting in Detail: DIY Distribution

Now that you have identified your documentation priorities and started to generate some policies and procedures, how do you best disseminate them? Unless you’re creating documentation entirely for your own benefit, it’s likely that you’ll need to share it [...]

Documenting in Detail: DIY Distribution2019-09-18T03:25:08-04:00

Documenting in Detail: Procedure Procedures

In the previous installment of the "Documenting in Detail" series, I introduced a sample Policy on writing Policies (as well as other common types of organizational documentation). In this article, I descend to greater depth of detail on documenting [...]

Documenting in Detail: Procedure Procedures2019-09-16T12:48:58-04:00

Documenting in Detail: A Policy Perspective

So you're convinced. Maybe it was enduring the latest tirade of a customer or colleague burned by botched work because a coworker didn't know how to do a job properly. Maybe it was dealing with the fallout from an employee [...]

Documenting in Detail: A Policy Perspective2019-09-18T03:32:18-04:00
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