What? Why? How? Answering Essential Questions in Your Organization

Organizational documentation takes many forms: mission statements, vision statements, strategic plans, policies, procedures, process maps, project plans. How do these disparate documents relate to one another? I find it fruitful to categorize documentation as answers to the basic questions [...]

What? Why? How? Answering Essential Questions in Your Organization2019-09-18T03:20:53-04:00

Documenting in Detail: Procedure Procedures

In the previous installment of the "Documenting in Detail" series, I introduced a sample Policy on writing Policies (as well as other common types of organizational documentation). In this article, I descend to greater depth of detail on documenting [...]

Documenting in Detail: Procedure Procedures2019-09-16T12:48:58-04:00

Documenting in Detail: A Policy Perspective

So you're convinced. Maybe it was enduring the latest tirade of a customer or colleague burned by botched work because a coworker didn't know how to do a job properly. Maybe it was dealing with the fallout from an employee [...]

Documenting in Detail: A Policy Perspective2019-09-18T03:32:18-04:00
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