Improve Zapier integration with more flexible Assignee selection and more additional Assignment fields. Restore rich text editor toolbar operation.


  • Allow Assignment Assignee to be selected By Manual Member, By E-mail Address matching, or to integration user Account in Zapier Assignment Create Action integration
  • Return additional Assignment fields in Zapier Assignment Create Trigger integration


  • Replace in-app support chat service
  • Replace onboarding product tour
  • Replace searchable Help Center & update knowledgebase articles for clarity & cover
  • Allow selection of Assignment/Task Status from split button dropdown menu
  • Minor placeholder text wording improvements
  • Internal dependency updates for security, performance, and stability
  • Internal code-checking enhancements for error-prevention


  • Restore rich text editor toolbar usability on layouts where it’s visible only when editor is focused
Posted On: May 17th, 2021