Corrections and minor enhancements.


  • Move Content buttons to bottom of Procedure/Step Content list to make Procedure/Step detail field more prominent
  • Minor internal code enhancements for maintainability & performance
  • Update third-party dependencies for security, performance, & reliability


  • Restore display of Content in Procedure/Step Content list tab
  • Restore scrolling in Procedure/Step Content list tab
  • Restore correct calculation of Assignment status on Task status update
  • Restore error-free cascading update of Assignment/Task Date Start/Due
  • Restore display update of Assignment Date Start/Due in Assignment Info tab
  • Restore disabled appearance of Delete button on Manual Actions tab
  • Restore navigation to trial expiration notice at end of free trial period
  • Restore correct display of Assignment List after new Procedure assignment
  • Work-around minor console error
Posted On: October 29th, 2023