Improved Welcome Tour and assignment notification e-mail messages + other minor enhancements and corrections.


  • Include Assignment description and all Tasks in new assignment notification e-mail messages.
  • Expand and improve Welcome Tour to ease user onboarding.
  • Add Saving…/Saved message to provide user feedback on auto-saving of changes.


  • Prevent occasional Not Found: Procedure Step error when reordering Procedure Steps.
  • Prevent occasional Not Found: Procedure Step errors when adding Content to Procedure Steps.
  • Correct Assignment list sorting/grouping to use Assignment completion status rather than read/unread view status.
  • Restore fieldset toggle icons to again match accordion icons.
  • Restore alignment of disclosure and separator carets.
  • Prevent color changes on Assignment/Task status splitbutton.
  • Prevent server deployment failure if upgrading NodeJS execution environment version
  • Minor internal updates for maintainability.
Posted On: June 16th, 2023