Just a quick note to let you know about our recent TaskTrain releases and to extend a special offer:

🛂  On-boarding Offer

Help us, help you: If you’ve wanted to take advantage of the productivity-enhancing potential of integrating standard operating procedures into your organization’s workflow but haven’t gotten over the initial hump of inviting your team to TaskTrain and entering your essential Procedures, let us help you get started! In exchange for allowing us to feature your use of TaskTrain in a case study, you’ll get:

  • concierge on-boarding, including user setup and synchronous training;
  • process consultation with a Six-Sigma certified analyst, including assistance creating SOPs;
  • free subscription to our premium plan for 1 year.

Reply to this message if you’re interested and we’ll reach out to lend a hand! 🤝

🆕 Recently Released

We’ve been busy incorporating user feedback into TaskTrain, so if you haven’t used TaskTrain in a while, you may notice many small enhancements and corrections the next time you log in. What you won’t see from inside TaskTrain is our improved Zapier integration, which is now publicly available!
Zapier app integrationsZapier connects TaskTrain to more than 3000 other web services, allowing you to automate your operations by scheduling and assigning workflows and updating other apps automatically. Zapier support is a premium feature available on any paid subscription.

🔜  Upcoming Improvements

Our next feature release will get you “out of your Inbox” by adding new Assignment views allowing you to track all Assignments by Procedure (see how often a given SOP is executed), by Manual (monitor all the workflows for a given team or function), and by Organization (get instant visibility of everything that’s happening company-wide).Define - Assign - TrackWhat comes next is up to you!

These new Assignment views features come from listening to TaskTrain users. We’d love to hear what it would take to make TaskTrain an integral part of your organization’s everyday workflow to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness …

  • A sample Procedure library or public Procedure exchange?
  • More Zapier actions and triggers?
  • Multiple Procedure+Content / Assignment+Help views?
  • Position/title/role-based Procedure assignment?
  • Dynamically nestable Assignment workflows?
  • Automated Procedure assignment triggers?
  • Guest Assignment/Task Assignee access?
  • Structured Assignment/Task data collection & display?

Just reply to this message with your feature ideas. Or if talking is easier than typing, send me your availability and I’ll give you a quick call …

Thanks again for using TaskTrain!
Keith Gillette
Founder & CEO, TaskTrain