Moving most or all of your people and processes online proving complicated and stressful? Take heart – you can simplify the transition by piggybacking on the invaluable knowledge and systems that online companies have already established. Executives at companies that have already taken their teams virtual know that this one simple step is at the core of a successful transition to virtual teams.

You’ll also find that once you’ve made the transition to virtual teams, you won’t want to go back! Setting up systems and training your people to operate effectively in a virtual environment is a winning strategy for the moment, and for the future.

The secret of succeeding as a virtual team starts with moving your workflow documentation into the 21st century. When we say “workflow documentation,” we’re not talking dusty binders on shelves somewhere. And we don’t mean a static intranet either. We mean online, real-time, easily accessible documentation of your company’s business processes, all seamlessly embedded within your workers’ everyday tasks and activities.

For the best, most up-to-date options in workflow documentation, check out these top-performing business process management apps.

    1. Tallyfy
    2. TaskTrain (We think this one’s really great! 😉 Try it for free!)
    3. SweetProcess
    4. ProcessStreet
    5. KissFlow

These apps are web-based subscription services, most of which have free or low-cost monthly subscription options. With these apps, you can not only quickly document your processes, you can also embed short, easily understandable bits of training information within your workflow documentation. As a result, employees can find the information they need independently, digest it quickly, and use it, right when and where they need it – whether they’re at the office, traveling, or at home.

Get Professional Help with Moving Your People and Processes Online
In some cases, we recommend working with a professional to document your work processes and train your team to work virtually. It’s a great timesaver to let professionals assist you with the transition to efficient real-time documentation of online workflows with embedded help content – so your employees can start working as an efficient virtual team, with confidence, day one!
If you’re looking for a reputable company to help you revolutionize the speed, ease, and effectiveness of virtual teamwork, we recommend TaskTrain. Set up a consultation with them by sending a message to TaskTrain’s staff members are experienced virtual team members who enjoy nothing more than sharing their expertise with you and providing outstanding customer service.
TaskTrain is a business process management app that allows businesses to easily facilitate virtual teamwork by defining and communicating standard operating procedures through simple, multi-level checklist templates. With TaskTrain, virtual teams work effectively and efficiently via detailed, multi-media work instructions/training materials and communication options at each step of every one of their company’s business processes.

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