Keeping Your Team On Track

TaskTrain puts your business on a schedule, ensuring your operations are more predictable, meaning greater organization, lower stress levels for your managers, and increased employee morale. TaskTrain will get you there.

Multi-Level Checklist-Based Procedures

Standardize recurring organizational workflow by creating checklist templates with substeps nested up to 4 levels deep. If you can write an outline, you can document a standard operating procedure.

Task-Level Assignment

Coordinate team task accountability with the ability to assign each step of your procedure as a task to a different team member, each with its own start and due date

Multimedia Procedure Content

Deliver or reinforce training when & where it’s needed by providing detailed work instructions as formatted text, pictures, videos, or attached documents at each procedure step.

Task-Level Comment Threads

Facilitate team communication and task completion with threaded discussions at the individual assignment task level.

Multiple Task Status Levels

Track assignment completion progress in detail using 5 task status levels: Not Started, In Progress, Blocked, Skipped, & Completed—because work isn’t just “done” or “not done.”

Content Reuse

Avoid duplicating instructions by linking the same work instruction content across multiple steps and procedures.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Create procedure checklists as fast as you can type with keyboard shortcuts for creating steps and substeps.

Procedure Manuals

Easily share procedures by grouping them into team-based manuals and organizing them into optional manual sections.

Multiple Access Levels

Control team use of procedures at the manual level with 4 levels of access.

Multiple Workspaces

Set up separate workspaces with separate members to manage procedures for multiple organizations.

Draft Procedures

Prevent procedures from being assigned before they are ready to be published for use.

Multiple Inboxes

Keep on top of all of your assignments and related comment threads with inboxes within each workspace.

Move & Copy Procedures

Easily move or copy procedures between manuals/sections and even workspaces.

Avoid wasting valuable time by documenting the processes your business utilizes every day. When you systematize your business, you put your company procedures in the hands of the people who need them the most to complete daily assignments – your employees. By documenting these repetitive tasks you create the foundation on which to scale and grow your business.

TaskTrain scales with your team across desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.