Integrate referral tracking with external affiliate/partner platform. Minor application enhancements & corrections.


  • Add website visitor and referral affiliate/partner tracking to integrate with external platform.


  • Prevent display of broken image placeholder icon when preview image is unreachable
  • Make Procedure grid hover and pointer effects consistent with list view
  • Improve appearance of informational icons
  • Refactor code for performance and maintainability
  • Update internal dependencies for security, performance, and stability


  • Prevent incorrect cycling change of Content list after opening Add Existing Content dialog on different Procedures/Steps
  • Update preview thumbnail when linked Content is changed
  • Correct truncated display of categorization chips in Procedure grid view
  • Prevent display of completed Welcome Tour on next login after updating User profile given or family name
  • Add missing Account properties on several server responses
Posted On: December 3rd, 2021