Multiple enhancements & corrections.


  • Add ability to toggle between displaying Procedures in a list and new card view
  • Use new categorization colors in Procedure list/grid filtering interface
  • Preserve active detail tab when navigating between Procedure/Step and Assignment/Task if not specifically set by user
  • Improve text truncation in breadcrumb navigation when selected text overflows available display width
  • Add text truncation to Organization name in navigation accordion header
  • Internal code enhancements for performance and maintainability
  • Update internal dependencies for security, performance, and stability


  • Navigate away from deleted Assignment or Procedure on all views to prevent potential invalid user actions
  • Prevent updates to Procedure/Step name, detail, & help Content on archived Procedures
  • Prevent inline editor from disappearing before receiving input when creating first Step in a Procedure
Posted On: November 11th, 2021