Significantly improve error-resilience; Application corrections and minor display enhancements.


  • Significantly improve recoverability from errors throughout client application
  • Improve error message display throughout client application
  • Minor user interface enhancements for consistency and appearance
  • Internal dependency updates for security, performance, and stability
  • Significant internal domain & data model simplifications for efficiency, consistency, and maintainability
  • Internal application usage analytics and enhanced error tracking


  • Prevent request validation error preventing leaving an Organization
  • Correct request validation error preventing Zapier Assignment-Create trigger
  • Restore immediate update of breadcrumb navigation labels after item renaming
  • Restore correct display of input validation error messages
  • Correct subscriptions enabling real-time client updates on Manual changes
  • Prevent non-fatal, console-only error when deleting┬áProcedure Steps
Posted On: March 25th, 2021