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Add Task filter to display only Tasks assigned to current Account and multiple minor user interface enhancements and bug fixes. Replace database adapter, accounts management, and server deployment and hosting framework. Note: accounts management updates require password reset to sign in.


  • Add Task filter to display only Tasks assigned to current Account


  • Change detail pane tab order for immediate access to Procedure/Step Content / Assignment/Task Help
  • Restore Manual, Procedure, Step, Assignment, & Task name fields to detail pane on large displays for contextual clarity and ease of editing
  • Add contextual actions menu to Procedure Step list
  • Require email address verification during registration to improve security
  • Increase minimum password length for improved security
  • Replace accounts system for improved security and flexibility [requires user password reset]
  • Replace Help Center and in-app support chat platform
  • Replace database adapter to increase maintainability and development velocity
  • Refactor code for performance and maintainability
  • Update internal dependencies for security, performance, and stability


  • Ensure logging of changes to Procedure Steps
  • Correct issue preventing Follower list dialog from appearing on new Assignment-level Comment threads
  • Ensure removed Content immediately updates Procedure Content list
  • Replacing failing server deployment and hosting frameworks
Posted On: September 12th, 2022