Minor user interface enhancements and multiple code corrections.


  • Improve display size responsiveness of Reuse Content dialog
  • Improve display size responsiveness of Assign Procedure dialog
  • Improve speed of Comment Thread displays
  • Additional minor user interface changes for consistency
  • Reorganize internal application styles for improved load times and maintainability


  • Correct update of Activity lists when changing viewed Procedure, Step, Assignment, or Task
  • Prevent edge case where Task Help list displayed parent Assignment Content on application refresh
  • Correct association of Task Comment Thread comment created in consolidated Assignment Comment Thread list view
  • Prevent duplicate follower display in Comment Threads
  • Prevent edge condition allowing creation of 2 Accounts associated with the same User in an Organization
  • Prevent error conditions when creating a Manual, Section, Procedure, or Step without specifying a name
Posted On: May 26th, 2020