Task filtering by Open/Closed status + minor enhancements & corrections.


  • Add Task list filter to allow displaying only Open (Not Started, In Progress, Blocked) or only Closed (Completed, Skipped) or both
  • Reverse behavior of pressing Assignment/Task Status button to show full status list upon pressing and upon right-click/long-press, toggling between In Progress / Completed (enables selection of any status, previously unavailable on iOSĀ  due to Safari limitation)
  • Improve list view navigation keyboard navigation to allow focus without activation
  • Update internal dependencies for security, performance, and stability


  • Prevent navigation to detail pane on mobile devices when toggling tree expander or changing Assignment/Task status
  • Attempt to mitigate issue preventing navigation to next screen on successful registration or sign in
  • Restore correct height on Assignment/Task Status split-button menu disclosure
Posted On: November 2nd, 2022