Rapidly transitioning to virtual work due to the COVID-19 pandemic? TaskTrain is here to help—with free premium features and free assistance to get you up and running. We understand the challenges of coordinating workflow within a distributed workforce because our team members have been working from home across the globe since our inception.

TaskTrain increases efficiency and reduces errors within recurring workflows in almost any context, but our strengths in knowledge-sharing and process coordination really shine in virtual settings, when teams can’t simply share information around the water cooler or walk over to a colleague’s desk to get a quick update.

Rather than rely on endless email chains or poorly organized threads in an arbitrary Slack channel, TaskTrain organizes team communication around the steps in your organization’s processes, so you can instantly see the status of a given task in an assignment and see all correspondence related to that particular workflow in one spot.

As part of our commitment to helping others during these uncertain and volatile times, TaskTrain is expanding the capabilities of our free tier to make it useful for more organizations, as well as offering free assistance in getting started. We are:

Enabling (through 31-December-2020) the following premium features on our Boarding (free) tier:

  • Unlimited Private Procedures (normally publicly viewable)
  • 50 Open Assignments (normally 5)
  • Application Integrations (connect to 2000+ apps via Zapier)

Offering (through 31-October-2020) free on-boarding with any paid plan registration, to help you:

  • Invite team members to your Organization & assign Roles
  • Set up your Library & create your first Procedure & Assignment
  • Define & prioritize a plan to proceduralize recurring workflows

TaskTrain has the features your team needs to succeed. Let us help your organization make the transition to virtual work. Learn more or sign up for your free account today to get started.

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