Every subscription to TaskTrain helps aspiring entrepreneurs in disadvantaged communities. We’re working toward a world where no one grows up on the “wrong” side of the tracks.

Scale your business. Scale your impact.

10% of each paid subscription is directed to our community education partners to encourage entrepreneurs everywhere.

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you had an idea, you worked hard, somehow pulled the funds together, persevered, and focused all of your efforts into bringing it to life. You’ve watched it grow into the company it is today, and we say, WELL DONE! We’ve done it ourselves and know we have to thank our families, teachers, mentors, and especially those who lent us the money! Hard work and advantages. A great formula for success!

The TaskTrain OnTrack program is designed to help those who have the idea, the grit, and the determination, but lack those extra advantages.

A study from Harvard Business School, Wharton School, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management determined that the gender of an entrepreneur would affect the success of their business pitch in a competition, even when their pitches were identical.
In the first quarter of 2018 only 3% of companies that received venture capital funding were led by women, according to the business intelligence firm Crunchbase.
Black-owned businesses nationally average only $58,000 in annual revenue compared to $546,000 for white-owned businesses.
According to Inc., 48 % of female entrepreneurs lack mentors and advisors.

The OnTrack Program is dedicated to opening the door to aspiring entrepreneurs who lack access to capital, training, mentors, and role models. Whether the dream is big or small, we want to help.