Just a quick note to wish you a happy 2023 and let you know about the latest TaskTrain feature releases:

🆕 Recently Released

❇️ Assignment List Multi-level Sorting & Assignment List Grouping

We’ve improved the Assignment List by adding multi-level sorting from an expanded list of Assignment fields: Assignment Name, Procedure Name, Date Start, Date Due, Status, Priority, Assignee, Requestor.

You may now also optionally group the Assignment List by the top-level sort.

Multi-level sorting with optional top-level grouping in Assignment List

🔐 Account Updates

If you haven’t signed into TaskTrain since 12-September-2022, you’ll need to reset your password to sign in again.

The new accounts management system improves application security but requires a password reset. To update your password, just go to station.TaskTrain.app and press Forgot Password?, then follow the prompts.

🔜 Upcoming Improvements

We’ve got some terrific tweaks in the pipeline, but …

🙋🏽‍♀️ What comes next is up to you!

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Thanks again for using TaskTrain!

Keith Gillette
Founder & CEO, TaskTrain