Just a quick note to let you know about the latest TaskTrain feature and enhancement releases—and to wish those of you in the U.S. a happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 🎆

🆕 Recently Released

📄 Procedure Quick Convert

Already have your standard operating procedures documented outside of TaskTrain? Good news—we recently released an amazing new feature that will instantly convert a word processing document into a TaskTrain Procedure with a simple copy-and-paste! As long as your SOP steps are formatted with heading or list styles, the document will create a TaskTrain procedure complete with embedded instructions—pictures included!

Quick Convert Procedure From Document

✨ Usability Enhancements

As always, we’ve been busy incorporating user feedback, so if you haven’t used TaskTrain in a while, you may notice other enhancements the next time you log in, notably:

  • Full Task list display in new assignment email notifications
  • Full-height display of Procedure/Step Content & Assignment/Task Help
  • Enhanced onboarding tour for better first-time experience
  • More prominent Help menu for easy access to our Help Center & support chat
  • Improved empty-state placeholders with integrated orientation help
  • More integrated tooltip & pop-up help throughout the application
  • Reorganized detail pane for fast, scroll-free access to common features
  • Improved search for accurate access to Assignments and Procedures
Full Content/Help Display at each Procedure/Step & Assignment/Task

Full Content/Help Display at each Procedure/Step & Assignment/Task

🔜 Upcoming Improvements

We’re currently gearing up to launch our Procedure Exchange, which will provide a central repository of best-practice-based example Procedures for you to copy and customize, so expect more news from us soon — but after that …

🙋🏽‍♀️ What comes next is up to you!

We’d love to hear what it would take to make TaskTrain an integral part of your organization’s everyday workflow to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness. Please help prioritize our feature backlog or submit your own ideas by pressing the button below to take our 1-minute survey.

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Thanks again for using TaskTrain!

Keith Gillette
Founder & CEO, TaskTrain