Hope the new year has begun well for you! We’re off to a good start at TaskTrain and reaching out to let you know about our recent releases:

🆕 Recently Released

✅ Assignment List Enhancements

Our latest release adds a number of Assignment list improvements, including the addition of the name of the Procedure from which the Assignment was made to provide greater context; the ability to sort by Assignment or Procedure name or by Assignment Date Start or Date Due, making it easy to manage long lists of Assignment workflows; and a number of additional display tweaks making the list easier to read.

Improved Assignment List

✨ Usability Enhancements

In addition, we’ve been busy incorporating other user feedback, so if you haven’t used TaskTrain in a while, you may notice many other enhancements the next time you log in, notably:

  • Expanded Assignment & Procedure list search scope for fast finding. 🔎
  • Dialog mode on Procedure/Step detail editor for easy editing. 📝
  • New Procedure grid/tile view for friendlier display. ⏹
  • Preservation of detail view when navigating between Procedure/Step & Assignment/Task. 🗂
  • Improved responsive sizing of dialogs + responsive scrolling & stacking on Account list tables. ↔️
  • Website visitor & referral tracking for our new referral partner program.👣
  • Many UI tweaks, including: more negative space; input standardization; better text truncation; polished button, icon, & placeholders; color-coded categorization chips; & a warmer color palette. 🌈

Dialog mode on Procedure/Step detail editor

🔜 Upcoming Improvements

We’ve got many terrific tweaks in the pipeline, but in terms of major features …

🙋🏽‍♀️ What comes next is up to you!

We’d love to hear what it would take to make TaskTrain an integral part of your organization’s everyday workflow to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness. Please help prioritize our feature backlog or submit your own ideas by pressing the button below to take our 1-minute survey.

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Thanks again for using TaskTrain!

Keith Gillette
Founder & CEO, TaskTrain